BLUME 2000

BLUME 2000 Blumen-Handelsgesellschaft mbH


Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm


BLUME 2000 – Berlin in bloom!

Nature in the middle of the city – every day since 1974. 

Berlin is blooming: life in the city can be exciting and challenging, full of new inspiration, intense encounters and plenty of variety. As city dwellers, we love this urban atmosphere and the feeling that we’re right in the middle of the action with our families and friends. Nevertheless: our lives in the city wouldn’t be the same without access to nature. Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up our everyday lives and bring the outside in. Flowers make us happy and are good for our soul. That’s why the staff at Blume 2000 work passionately every day to treat flowers and plants with great care, ensuring they make the journey from the great outdoors into our stores in one piece, and stay beautiful for as long as possible. The range on offer includes flowers and plants, but also fertilisers, shovels and other accessories for gardening and decorating. Visit us for your daily dose of nature!